Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some knitting

I know, shame on me. It's been some time. Doesn't mean I haven't done anything since, more like not taken any pictures...
But here are some - first a hat I made, with my favourite model, my daughter

next, a jacket I made for my baby niece born in December:

I totally fell in love with those buttons...

And then I'm working at a baby blanket at the moment. Not sure what I'll be doing with it. Was gonna give it to a friend for a gift but her boy was born a few months ago... So thinking bout selling it once it's finished... It's about 32x18" (80x45 cm) at the moment and am opting for about 30-35 inches to finish (so 12-17 more) but will just have to see how much yarn I got left...

Also made a beanie for hubby but not quite happy yet so pics to follow and some socks which I have to find to take pictures of...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

the dinosaur

So, I was working on the costume all morning and a couple of hours tonight and I'm telling you, if I ever intend on working with velveteen again, hit me with something. Hard! The fabric kept rolling away and was hard to get together... I had to rip stuff open a few times and that was a bitch... But here it is with contents. One sleeve and the zipper are missing. The sleeve went on after lil Miss Dino went to bed and the zipper... Just no nerves left

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I hope you like the pics - even with one sleeve missing...

Off to walk the dog now and then it's night-night everyone

PS: Back from walking the doc and wanted to add, I'm especially proud as this is the first piece of clothing I've ever done on my own... (and the only one I can remember, though there were a few attempts when I was a kid lol)

Friday, October 9, 2009

of dinosaurs, jumpers and socks

So, yesterday I finished knitting the sleeves for the sweater for my dad's gf. Today I managed to weave the ends in, it's in the washer right now, waiting for me to hang it up for the night so I can sew the parts together tomorrow and do the collar.
I started a pair of socks for DH as soon as I had bound off the sleeves. Hope he'll like this pair better than the last one.
And because DH has to work tonight, I finally found the time to start on Susan's Halloween costume (time is going fast, only 3 more weeks). She went to bed pretty late and I had to take the dog out but at least I managed to copy all the necessary parts on some paper. I'll try and iron the fabrig tomorrow and cut it as well (and hopefully finish the sweater as well) and might then be ready to start sewing on Sunday... But it's a long time till then and probably a billion things will have to get done before I'll manage to do that... But I got the will!
We might be going to the zoo this weekend if Susan is feeling well enough. Well excited, she loved it last time and Mike can take some more pics.
Tomorrow I hope I'll make it to town to the LYS store, I want to make some mittens and a hat matching a scarf I knit last year for my mom and I'm out of that yarn and have no idea what it was. But I still got the scarf (which I was hoping to mail soon...).
So, you see, loads to do and little time. Will try and get hubby to take some pics tomorrow so you can see what I've been working on lately.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

car and puppy

So, I thought it was time to present... our new car

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as well as our lil puppy. She's about three months now and called tigger. oh, yeah, if you are wondering. we have no clue what she is. Some kind of mix. By looking at her you can definitely see some lab but that's about all I can tell for sure...

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my first sewing of my own...

So, I finished two pillow cases. Well, almost finished them, I still have to sew the buttons on... This is how it looks like:

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the buttons are going on the inside, so when Susan sleeps on the wrong side of the pillow, she won't directly sleep on the buttons but have some fabric between her and the button.
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and this is how it looks from the front:

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I also finished another pair of socks today and I'm a bit upset. I started the second sock exactly at the same point of colour as the first but for some reason, it didn't come out the same and now the one sock has more orange at the toes than the other one... But I'll live...

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

it's a first

we just moved in our new house (with still a few bibs and bobs to get from our old place), fall is starting, winter coming soon and little kids grow fast. So you can imagine, there is a lot to do. From curtains (mainly finished...), to pillow cases and clothes.
I've just gotten my first own sewing machine, before I'd only worked with my mom. So I'm rather proud that I managed to finish curtains and a pillow case without her immediate help (though I had to call her a couple of times and ask for advice).
Once I'm done with the last two pillows (pictures to follow), I'll give clothes a shot.
Knitting is another of my hobbies, I'm just finishing up a pair of socks for myself, after that I wanna make some house shoes for Susan and then I still have to finish that sweater for a friend...
With me working full-time and a 2-year-old in the house, there is not a lot of time but knitting comes in handy on the train (I'm commuting) and sewing is just nice for the evening hours.
Plus, I got a week of leave ahead...
Let's see how long I'll last on this blogging thing...